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How Could We Store Data On A Single Atom?


The size and cost of memory are going down while video and photo resolutions are getting sky high. But is there a limit to how small magnetic storage can get? Well maybe, and scientists are working on a single atom data storage.


Video via – Seeker
Further Readings & References @ Radboud University, EPFL, and arXiv

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Daily Dharma 11/2718

Do any of us REALLY think about the food that we eat?  – the animals that contributed to our meal – the rain – the farmers – Mother Earth ? 

I do – maybe not every day do I say a prayer to all who may have contributed to the meal I am eating, but I try to do that several times a week.   

IMHO it is very important to acknowledge all of those who contributed in whatever way to the food we eat.

Blessings to all.

The entire process of sitting down to eat, reflecting on food and its preparation, and then the eating of it should be a method—one among many—to take us further on the path to enlightenment.

—Venerable Yifa, “Thought for Food

Mary I, Queen of England

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Queen Mary I in 1554, a copy of a portrait by Sir Antonis Mor

Mary was born at the Palace of Placentia at Greenwich on February 18, 1516, the only surviving child of King Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon. Her baptism was celebrated two days later in the church of the Observant Friars next to the Palace. As Mary grew, her appearance was described as short in stature, thin, and frail with a low-bridged nose, red hair and a fair complexion with light colored lips and ruddy cheeks. She had a loud, deep voice. He eyes were grey and she was shortsighted like her father. She was stubborn, had a quick temper and didn’t like to be crossed.

Mary’s early life was centered on her household. She was given a highly classical education overseen by her mother who consulted the Spanish humanist Juan Vives. She was…

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