Solitude and Peace – A Reflection

One Must listen to Simon de Voil – must must must

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Three goats who live at Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Center where my Dad has been going through rehab.

Denise and I have been on an exhausting journey which began on July 25th with a phone call that my Dad had fallen and was in the ER in Austin, Minnesota. From that moment on, there have been so many twists and turns in the journey with my dad, with her dad, and now we are on our way to Mobile for the funeral of Denise’s former mother-in-law. You might say that we have been doing a lot of processing during the long hours in the car making multiple trips between Minnesota and Alabama.

While Denise was in Alabama with her dad in the hospital, I had stayed behind with Pixie to encourage my dad with rehab. One day while he was in physical therapy I wandered around the facility and ended up…

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On our Eighth Anniversary

This is so beautiful and so inspirational. Blessings to Michael and Denise – Happy Anniversary

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Our Wedding Day at Beckwith Chapel on Weeks Bay near Fairhope, Alabama

Eight years ago Denise and I exchanged our vows at Beckwith Chapel surrounded by the love and the prayers of so many friends and our family. Today we find ourselves in the midst of caring for our Dads as they walk the long road towards healing.

Did we know that on this day eight years ago we would move from Florida to Colorado to Georgia as we answered God’s call to serve? Did we know that we would walk through the Valley of the Shadows with so many people, including our parents?

Did we know on that day what was in store for us? In a word, no. We exchanged our vows with hope, love, and faith, promising to live each day fully as the day that the Lord has made.

Thomas Merton offers this beautiful reflection on…

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Darkness and Light – A Reflection


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For both Denise and me, these past few weeks have been both a challenge and a blessing. Tonight Denise is in Florence, Alabama caring for her father who had a stroke and today moved from the hospital to rehab. We received the news on Wednesday and she spent Thursday driving from Minnesota to Alabama. Yesterday and today I walked with Dad as he navigated rehab and life at Good Samaritan in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Spending my days in Albert Lea (just as Denise had been doing from the last week of July until this week) has been an opportunity to both walk with Dad and get to know a phenomenal care staff who is working with Dad. I can hear my former Command Chaplain Boss at AF Special Operations Command chuckling that his former Deputy who was an Austin High School Packer was spending so much time in his old…

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Darkness, Light, and an Evening Prayer – 13 August 2021

Thought inspiring

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There are times when I find myself in a low spiritual energy place. There are also times when my depression overwhelms me. Yet even in the midst of that darkness I am able to find light and hope. When I let go of my own need to be in control and surrender myself the the Lord of Light and Love, the spiritual dawn of a new day comes.

I found this quote from Thomas Merton that was helpful to me as I ponder these things tonight.

O God, teach me to be satisfied with my own helplessness in the spiritual life. Teach me to be content with Your grace that comes to me in darkness and that works things I cannot see. Teach me to be happy that I can depend on You. To Depend On You Should Be Enough For An Eternity Of Joy. To Depend On You By…

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Our Sister Bodily Death – A Reflection

This is so beautiful

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A visitor when we went to spend some time with Mom tonight ❤️❤️

I have been reflecting on the many people that I have walked with through the Valley of the Shadows as a military chaplain and pastor. I have also been reflecting on the parishioners and friends that Denise and I have walked with together through the same Valley. I have also been reflecting on the gift that Denise gave to both of our mothers by her loving and steadfast presence with them through their own Valleys.

One of our musical companions on the drive from Georgia to Minnesota was our dear and beloved friend, Simon de Voil Home Page. One particular piece that he offered was his interpretation of Saint Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of Creation.”

When speaking about our Sister Bodily Death whom Francis embraced wholeheartedly, Simon shared the following:

Most High, all-powerful, precious God,

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Those Who Lived To Tell The Tale!

This is very powerful – a must read.


“I was choking. The fire was in the hall… I put my muff around my head tightly and I ran right through the fire. The fur caught on fire. When we got down stairs they kept us in the hall… Not the street, because the bodies were falling down. I saw one woman jump and get caught on a hook on the 6th floor and watched how a fireman saved her.” – Rose Hauser 

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Human Liberty: A Reflection with Thomas Merton


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Church door at St Joseph On the Mountain Episcopal church in Mentone, Alabama

I have been reading Thomas Merton’s book, Seeds of Destruction and its focus is on civil rights and the fight for equality for, as Merton says, the Negro. Written in 1964, it is still sadly relevant today as the words of the prophet and mystic’s words continue to speak fifty-seven years later. I believe that Merton would on the one hand not be surprised at all by this sad fact. On a deeper level, I believe that he would be saddened by the lack of progress on the Civil Rights front. As the #BlackLivesMatter continues to work towards racial equality and fight against the so-called “heritage” movement, Merton’s words speak volumes.

The Negro finally gets tired of this treatment and becomes quite rightly convinced that the only way he is ever going to get his rights is…

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The Journey

Wow – very inspiring

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Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia

Life can indeed be interesting at times. The roads which we travel and the experiences we have can be life changing if we let them. They can also paralyze us and keep us from moving forward… if we let them. In May of 1986 I graduated from seminary. The summer of 1986 I went to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for my second summer tour as a Chaplain Candidate, Second Lieutenant. In September, 1987 I took my first call as a pastor. Thirty-three years later I am still “at it” so to speak.

Warfare (the entire time I was on Active duty this nation was at war), constantly moving (from 1987-2011 the longest I lived in one place was four years… the shortest, a year plus a few four to six month deployments), a Pandemic… yes, a lot has happened.

There has been much to reflect…

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Evening Prayer – 1 June 2021

Totally Awesome

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The sun has set and the Vesper lights flicker and glow

Flowers remind us of God’s refreshing and re-creating love

I am reminded of the love, mercy, grace, and renewal which the Spirit of God offers us

Thomas Merton wrote the following in his autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain.

There is not a flower that opens, not a seed that falls into the ground, and not an ear of wheat that nods on the end of its stalk in the wind that does not preach and proclaim the greatness and the mercy of God to the whole world. There is not an act of kindness or generosity, not an act of sacrifice done, or a word of peace and gentleness spoken, not a child’s prayer uttered, that does not sing hymns to God before his throne, and in the eyes of men, and before their faces.

May the flowers…

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