World Alzheimer’s Day

Just got this today or I would have posted it earlier. We lost my mother in law to Alzheimer’s in July of this year. Hug your family every day.

A Bit of Brian's Brilliance

Each Year on September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day.
I will start out with what IT’S NOT!
* IT’S NOT a day of Celebration!
* IT’S NOT a National or International Holiday!
* IT’S NOT a day for cookouts or Backyard Bar-B-Ques!

What it is, is a day to call AWARENESS to
* a Disease that has NO PREVENTION!
* a Disease that has NO WAY TO STOP the PROGRESSION!
* a Disease that has NO CURE!

I guess you can see why I don’t exactly call this a “Day to Celebrate.”

You will probably see a lot of photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social Media of individuals wearing purple. It’s a way of calling awareness to a Horrendous Disease.

One of the strangest things about this disease is it doesn’t exactly cause people to die. According to the Alzheimer’s Association . . .
” Alzheimer’s disease leads…

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Holy Space – A Reflection

Another good one from Rev Moore 🙂

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

A sacred space at the Etowah Mounds Historic Site near Cartersville, Georgia.

The places we are seen and heard are holy places. They remind us of our value as human beings. They give us the strength to go on. Eventually they may even help us transform pain into wisdom.—Rachel Naomi Remen

I received the above quote in a daily email I receive from Pace e Bene (This Nonviolent Life), a Catholic Peace organization. It ties in quite nicely with what I have been doing in my Narrative Theology class which is a part of the Doctor of Ministry program at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (MN).

In the exercise/assignment for the first week of class, each student shared their six-word memoirs with the class via Zoom. Then the student was invited to share some background on that memoir in four minutes or less. Following that, the class sat…

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God’s Love – A Reflection

All we need is love is love is love is love is love …..

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

Mary holding Jesus’ body – a statue in Saint Ignatius Church on the campus of the University of San Francisco (USF, my Dad’s alma mater)

A few weeks ago after my Dad had watched the news in his assisted living apartment he told one of the women working in the office all we need is love in this world. I wonder if he was thinking of the Beatle’s song, “All You Need Is Love” when he said that. He shared the story with us later that afternoon. Dad does watch the television news regularly and we often get calls from him afterwards. He shares his frustration and sorrow over the state of the world. Believe me Dad, we can certainly relate to your thoughts and feelings.

When we visited San Francisco and the University of San Francisco back in late February Dad was eager to hear all about the city…

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Trust and Grace – A Reflection

A must read. Rev Moore rocks!

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

After completing my readings for Narrative Theology, I picked up Thomas Merton’s book No Man Is an Island. It has been quite a while since I have been able to do any reading from Merton’s works. Between our move across the country, finishing up my Thesis Proposal, becoming immersed in my new call, and this new class… well, let’s just say that the schedule has been rather full for me and for Denise!

In this week’s readings for Narrative Theology, I began thinking about how the Spirit moves in our midst and gently guides us on our spiritual journey. We are being encouraged to look at the narrative that we tell about our life from a different angle or perspective. There are many ways to explore storytelling and life that we will be exploring this trimester.

Tonight I am reflecting on Grace and Trust. This comes up, in part…

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Escape from the trance

Interesting Read 🙂

Pam Grout

“To save the planet, we don’t need technological breakthroughs or vast amounts of capital. Essentially, we need a radical change in our thinking and behavior.” – Rob Hopkins

My wonderful interviewer, Carolin, made this backdrop for me the other day.

German mystic Meister Eckhart said, “God is at home. It is we who have gone out for a walk.”

Because we are distracted by a long litany of misery, we don’t even notice God or the truth about who we really are.

The world we’re seeing now is a byproduct of decades of enculturation, decades of believing that we are limited to these physical meat suits. Most of our fear comes from trying to protect them. Until we turn our back on all that is emerging out of the chaos of our current thoughts and beliefs, we will continue to miss the light.

One of the main lessons from A…

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A Royal Murder ╽The Assassination Of Archduke Ferninand & His Wife, The Duchess!

A very fascinating time in History.


The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg was the last straw that would set of a chain of events leading many countries to declare war and begin the first world war in history. WWI or the “Great War” had over a hundred countries involved in the conflict during its climax between 1914-1918.

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Literature History | The Bronte Sisters: What You Didn’t Know About Charlotte Bronte

I adore the Bronte’s 🙂


The talented Bronte sisters evolved, sensationalized, and influenced classical literature in critical ways. They were excellent and fearless writers during an era that made it difficult for women to be taken serious.Today’s post will be the first of a three part series about the Bronte sisters covering facts many readers may not know about them.

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Classical Literature Short Story – The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Another EAP blog


In today’s blog post here on The Chronicles Of History, I will be sharing a short story by Edgar Allan Poe titled The Tell-Tale Heart. The story was first published in 1843 and tackles the narrator’s sanity. The character tries to convince readers he is not crazy while telling the readers the story of a murder and his reasoning for killing the person.

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American Literature History | The Strange Mysterious Life & Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

i really like this blog. A Must Read 🙂


The father of the detective story left everyone with the greatest mystery of all. What was behind his untimely demise? Edgar Allan Poe is known as being a literary master. His ability to intrigue, awe, and entertain readers leaves inspiration for new writers.

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Review Of Cottage By The Sea

I adore Debbie Macomber books


36569489. sy475 Synopsis:

Annie Marlow has been through the worst. Rocked by tragedy, she heads to the one place that makes her happy: Oceanside in the Pacific Northwest, the destination of many family vacations when Annie was a teenager.

Once there, Annie begins to restore her broken spirit, thanks in part to the folks she meets: a local painter, Keaton, whose large frame is equal to his big heart—and who helps Annie fix up her rental cottage by the sea; Mellie, the reclusive, prickly landlord Annie is determined to befriend; and Britt, a teenager with a terrible secret. But it is Keaton to whom Annie feels most drawn. His quiet, peaceful nature offers her both comfort and reprieve from her grief, and the two begin to grow closer.

Then events threaten to undo the idyll Annie has come to enjoy. And when the opportunity of a lifetime lands in her lap, she…

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