Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–The Puppy Who Knew Too Much


I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author V.M. Burns and her new release The Puppy Who Knew Too Much.  This is the second book in her A Dog Club Mystery series.  This is a really good series and I enjoyed both of the books.

The Puppy Who Knew Too Much (A Dog Club Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Lyrical Underground (February 12, 2019)
Paperback: 190 pages
ISBN-10: 1516107918
ISBN-13: 978-1516107919
Digital ASIN: B07D233MVK

Purchase Links – Amazon –  Barnes & Noble – IndieBound:  – Books-A-Million – Kobo

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Lilly Echosby and her toy poodle Aggie find a fresh start in Chattanooga, Tennessee, spoiled by the scent of murder . . .

Having solved the shooting death of her cheating husband, Lilly’s left behind the drama of Lighthouse Dunes, Indiana, to start over in the hometown of her best friend, Scarlett “Dixie” Jefferson. As…

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Awesome post


Waiting for your hair to grow can be an agonizing and frustrating experience. You just never know how long it’s going to take or if you’ll ever get that length or thickness you’ve always dreamed off. When it comes to hair regrowth, there is no ingredient more beneficial and effective than aloe vera.

Remember – for most remedies you must use fresh aloe vera gel. To extract your own gel, slice an aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel using a spoon. Throw the obtained gel into a food processor to get an even consistency.

In case you don’t find fresh aloe vera then you can use readymade aloe vera gel from


Aloe vera and castor oil

Castor oil is an excellent treatment that helps boost hair growth as well as adds volume. Adding aloe helps stimulate hair regrowth and also curbs hair fall.

In a bowl, mix…

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The Lenten Book, the Gorilla, and another book to recommend!

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

So, Lent is under way and I have heard from many of you that are reading the Lenten Book, “Now You See It.”  I have been inspired by some of what you say you are getting from it and I hope you will share those on this blog.   Along with that, some are reading “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Anderson as a specific case for our need to “relearn” as Cathy Davidson speaks to us in “Now You See it”    Her book starts off with the intriguing story about the gorilla, and the failure to see it when it walks right through a group working on a focused task.  This is attention blindness and what she wants to do is take this negative, and try to turn it to our positive.   I think that story is a good place to start.  I speak of it a bit…

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Lenten Book for 2019


The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

Dear Ones,

For nearly a decade I have, for each Lent, selected a Lenten book for us to read together as a diocese. This year I am deviating just a bit from that, and suggesting that, instead of a book, we follow in the Presiding Bishop’s Way of Love curriculum for Lent. There are a host of resources for this study and you will have many options for doing this individually or with those in your congregation. Below you will find a link and all listed resources. I hope you will find this study to be life giving and inspirational. This curriculum can flow into Easter and I encourage you to consider that as well.

Life Transformed: The Way of Love in Lent and Easter

Visit Lenten Resources 2019 for this and other seasonal resources

The journey through Lent into Easter is a journey with Jesus. We are baptized into…

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Daily Om 020419

This is so true. Madisyn says it all. 😦

Accepting Yourself

BY MADISYN TAYLOR                                                                                              To label yourself good or bad is to think too small. There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. There are choices and actions that lead us in different directions, and it is through those choices and actions that we create our realities. Sometimes we choose or do something that takes us in the opposite direction of the reality we want to create for ourselves. When we do this, we feel bad–uneasy, unhappy, unsure. We might go so far as to label ourselves “bad” when a situation like this arises. Instead of labeling ourselves, though, we could simply acknowledge that we made a choice that led us down a particular path, and then let it go, forgiving ourselves and preparing for our next opportunity to choose, and act, in ways that support our best intentions. 

Many of us experienced childhoods in which the words good and bad were used as weapons to control us–you were good if you did what you were told and bad if you didn’t. This kind of discipline undermines a person’s ability to find their own moral center and to trust and be guided by their own inner self. If you were raised this way, you may find yourself feeling shockwaves of badness when you do something you were taught was wrong, even if now you don’t agree that it’s bad. Conversely, you may feel good when you do what you learned was right. Notice how this puts you in something of a straitjacket. An important part of our spiritual unfolding requires that we grow beyond what we learned and take responsibility for our own liberation in our own terms. 

You are a human being with every right to be here, learning and exploring. To label yourself good or bad is to think too small. What you are is a decision-maker and every moment provides you the opportunity to move in the direction of your higher self or in the direction of stagnation or degradation. In the end, only you know the difference. If you find yourself going into self-judgment, try to stop yourself as soon as you can and come back to center. Know that you are not good or bad, you are simply you.

Queen Victoria Had Two Half-Siblings! | All About Princess Feodora Of Leiningen

I adore History.

This is a very good article about Queen Victoria and her half-sister.

Fans of the PBS series – Victoria – might like this.


In today’s post we will be discussing Victoria’s relationship to Princess Feodora of Leiningen and Carl, 3rd Prince of Leiningen. The two older half-siblings of Queen Victoria  were born through her mother’s first marriage to Emich Carl, 2nd Prince of Leiningen. 

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