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If your name is Joseph, respect what the name stands for.
J for just.
Be just as Joseph was just.
O for obedient.
Be obedient as Joseph was obedient.
S for simple.
Be simple like Joseph.
E for example.
Be an example to others
As Joseph, the example.
P for patient.
Be patient like St.Joseph.
H for humble.
Be humble as Joseph was humble.

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Daily Om 072218

As an ‘Elder’ I know that I’m tired of being disrespected by a Society that seems to only focus on the young.  Yes, there are young people in society – there are a LOT of young people. 

How did those young people get here?  They got here because we older people gave birth to either them or their parents.   

Just because we are older does not mean that we should be discarded by the wayside.  Despite the fact that my legs don’t work like they used to when I was in my 20s and 30s doesn’t mean that my brain has also ceased to work.  🙂


The Elderly Population


Our elderly population are our mentors and wise folk that came before us and paved the way for our future.

In tribal cultures, the elderly play an important role. They are the keepers of the tribe’s memories and the holders of wisdom. As such, the elderly are honored and respected members of tribes. In many modern cultures, however, this is often not the case. Many elderly people say that they feel ignored, left out, and disrespected. This is a sad commentary on modernization, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can change this situation by taking the time to examine our attitudes about the elderly and taking action.

Modern societies tend to be obsessed with the ideas of newness, youth, and progress. Scientific studies tell us how to do everything – from the way we should raise our kids to what we need to eat for breakfast. As a result, the wisdom that is passed down from older generations is often disregarded. Of course, grandparents and retired persons have more than information to offer the world. Their maturity and experience allows for a larger perspective of life, and we can learn a lot from talking to elderly people. It’s a shame that society doesn’t do more to allow our older population to continue to feel productive for the rest of their lives, but you can help to make change. Perhaps you could help facilitate a mentorship program that would allow children to be tutored by the elderly in retirement homes. The elderly make wonderful storytellers, and creating programs where they could share their real life experiences with others is another way to educate and inspire other generations.

Take stock of your relationships with the elderly population. Maybe you don’t really listen to them because you hold the belief that their time has passed and they are too old to understand what you are going through. You may even realize that you don’t have any relationships with older people. Try to understand why and how our cultural perception of the elderly influences the way you perceive them. Look around you and reach out to someone who is elderly – even if you are just saying hello and making small talk. Resolve to be more aware of the elderly. They are our mentors, wise folk, and the pioneers that came before us and paved the way for our future.


Claude de Valois, Queen of France

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The Freelance History Writer


“A pearl of a woman…goodness without sin” The Chronicler of Anjou

There is no love story with the marriage of Claude de Valois and King François I of France. Claude’s parents, Anne of Brittany and King Louis XII enjoyed a stable and somewhat loving relationship. But Claude was destined to bring the long-time independent Duchy of Brittany to the French crown and to give birth to male heirs for the throne and daughters to be married off for political and diplomatic reasons.

Claude was born on October 13, 1499 at Romorantin-Lanthenay. She was named after Claudius of Besançon, a seventh century abbot whose name Queen Anne had invoked on pilgrimage in the hopes of the safe delivery of a living child. Claude’s father, King Louis, was at war in Italy when she was born but he returned in November to attend her christening. The marriage contract between Louis and Anne…

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Flash Fiction: Revenge 3

The Dark Netizen

This is the last part of the Old Witch’s Tale..

Here are the previous parts:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

Part 2 – Flash Fiction: The Tree

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

Part 4 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 2

Pete snuck up to the back entrance.

Pete hated the butcher for the public beating he had given Pete. Pete wanted vengeance. It was essential. He fetched a log from his bag, ignited it, and got ready to throw. The embers from the log found their way to his back. Pete instinctively let go of the log and dropped to the ground, dousing the fire. The log rolled into the bag, which contained a kerosene can. The explosion propelled the log forward with great force, lodging it into Pete’s waist.

The Witch’s revenge was now complete. Three trophies claimed.

Word Count: 99


Flash Fiction for…

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Flash Fiction: Revenge 2

The Dark Netizen

Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

Part 2 – Flash Fiction: The Tree

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

It was sunset, Charlotte’s time to sneak out.

As per his habit, her father would come home drunk, lock her in her room and drink some more in the hall downstairs.

Charlotte would make her way down, go through the dark alleys, and meet up with her partners in crime, without her intoxicated father realizing she was missing.

This time though, she would not make it, as her footing slipped and she landed on picket fence.

Charlotte’s body lay skewered on the now bloody fence.

Only one remained now, and then the Witch’s revenge would be complete.

Word Count: 96


Six Sentence Story “Habit”

Friday Fictioneers 20th July, 2018

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Flash Fiction: Sky

Wow – powerful.

The Dark Netizen

“Mom, I can’t avoid it any more. I can’t see any road forward.”

“Kid, that is life. Just like a basketball, your life bounces up and down. There are times when you can see nothing but darkness.”

“Darkness is all I can see, mom. Day in and day out.”

I sat with my face buried in my hands. It was dinner time and I was venting out my frustrations to my mother. I was not lying about the darkness. I spent my entire day working in The Factory. Almost all of us did. We, the surface dwellers had no other choice. As per the system created by the Sky-people, it was our only source of income. However, the darkness was not confined to the factory.

We lived in the lowest  foundations of the city. Miles and miles below where the privileged sky people lived. There was no green

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