I am I think :)

This is a blog about my thoughts, inspirations, whatever tweaks my fancy at a given moment in time.

So, kick back, relax, and let’s enjoy the ride together.



4 thoughts on “I am I think :)

  1. All Blessings to you always, Dear Goose,

    My internet indulgence is largely a matter of healing the wounds of delving into Serious Things (such as hafta keep up with the news= Awful stuff garnished with the ever-blowing trash of passing things, however exalted and pretentious, that don’t really matter, and research matters that=old news plus science that’s beyond me), by massively and addictively collecting image searches–splendid scenery and adorable, beautiful animals–and YouTube delights–dances and dance remixes, and comedy. Websearching can occasionally be perilous (“Aggh! I didn’t want THAT!!) but is more often serendipitous: Forever Tango at the Boston Pops led to perfectly edited remixes in which loads of the screen’s greatest dancers in their dazzling numbers to Uptown Funk or other songs that arrived after most of those dancers “departed”. A bristling-if-minor Daily Kos political article led to a feedback which introduced me to the wondrous world of Randy Rainbow. Today, going back to “beautiful Lake Como” image search led me to an article that reminded me of the lovely, affecting things you grace us with on your blog. I’m only recently back online, having forgotten most of my former (small) skills, so I don’t know if this will appear as a hyperlink, but I think you might like it:

    Even those who have the means can’t travel, now (as we all wonder, WHEN?), but I like to think, that’s why God gave us imagination, and image searches.

    Peace, and, as ever, salaams for your good work!

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful story Greenway – I read it at least twice – it was so breathtakingly beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes.

    Life is so fleeting and so fragile.

    Let’s wow to dance dance dance into the sun light or the moonlight – whatever tricks our trigger – we dance on – sometimes to silent music – sometimes to sounds we hear in the dark of night.

    We dance.

  3. Oh, I love the image of a blissful Goose with china-blue eyes waving her glowing white wings, waving her graceful long neck, and flapping “the light fantastic” on the green green greensward of Gaussenstein or the Hotel Agatha!

    (Blest are they who have known whence this fancy hath come!)

    • One of these days dear Greenway I need to get the binder out of the stuff house and start posting the fragments of the Hotel Agatha that I managed to salvage before AOL took down all of the message boards. I think I shall treat it like an old manuscript – so when words have disintegrated I shall post something to the effect – ‘here the manuscript was so old and fragile that sections are missing’ or perhaps make reference to Edgar T Catt’s mouse army and suggest that perhaps some of those members felt that the parts of the story should not survive The Passage of Time. 🙂

      I hope you knew that The Tales of The Hotel Agatha was a circular story?

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