We are All One – A Reflection

This is a very powerful sermon – it should be re-read periodically as a reminder.

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Someone is reminding me that I need to blog and wrap up my sermon preparation before the football game!

In Luke 16:19-31, we read the story of another challenge Jesus offers the Pharisees and others who were listening to him speak. He tells them about the rich man and Lazarus. A rich man who was dressed in purple (a very expensive cloth dyed from the liquid obtained from a species of shellfish) is living a life that is large and self-absorbed. He feasted sumptuously every day while there was starvation literally at his front door. Using my imagination, I can see a home that is spacious and richly decorated with a staff who waited on him night and day. I am sure that he was a powerful and respected member of the community who never lacked for anything.

This is in direct contrast to Lazarus (whose name ironically means “God…

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