A Study in Queenship ~ How Queens Exercised Power

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My current writing project includes a section on queenship.  Because the study of how queens exercised power is a relatively new discipline, it is challenging to define.  If we look up the word queenship in the dictionary, the meaning is “the state, office, or dignity of a queen”.  The dictionary states the first time the word appears is in 1530-40 but doesn’t cite an actual reference to support this.

In the last several years, much new scholarship has arisen in queenship and the true meaning of the word is not as simple as that given in the dictionary.  If we look up the word “kingship”, there is an additional definition saying “kingship” is an “aptitude for kingly duties”.  This could be changed to say an “aptitude for queenly duties” and be considered a more apt definition for queenship.

What constitutes queenship?  What are some examples of women in history exercising…

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