The Deadliest Attack on Jews in US History

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The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

As we gathered for the second day of the 108th Convention of the Diocese of Olympia in SeaTac, the news began to come that yet again, gun violence had taken the lives of innocent people, and yet again, inside a house of worship.   We now know that the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is the deadliest attack on Jews in the history of the United States.   We know that the killer had as his motive, simply, “I just want to kill Jews”.

There is absolutely no place for violence in our discourse.  There is absolutely no place for antisemitism.  The attack on that synagogue is an attack on all people of faith.   It cannot be accepted and it should not become common place, or even tolerated.   We cannot become numb to this reality.   If the rhetoric and tenor of our collective life keeps heading the direction…

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