Flash Fiction: The Red Shoes

The woman screamed – dancing red shoes!!!! 🙂

The Dark Netizen

The couple walked into the shop, hand in hand.

They had picked the wrong time. It was my lunch hour and I had just dug into my meatloaf and soup. The manager shot me a look that said I would have to skip lunch. I kept my food aside and greeted them with a courteous bow. After seating them, I asked the couple what they were looking for. They could have been succinct about it, but the lady went on and on about this party they had to attend. The guy only intermittently repeated her words. Finally, they got to the point after fifteen minutes of droning. The lady wanted red shoes. I knew just the pair.

I went into the storeroom and brought out the red shoes. I watched as she tried them on and cooed at their impeccable fit. The couple paid in cash, and left with…

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