The Wedding of Queen Mary I and King Philip II of Spain

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The wedding of Queen Mary I and King Philip II of Spain took place on July 25, 1554. It was the feast day of St. James the Greater, the patron saint of Spain. The venue chosen for the event was Winchester Cathedral, seventy miles outside of London where the Wyatt Rebellion had just been quelled and summer epidemics threatened. Even though it was pouring rain, the wedding was a grand affair. The preparations for the wedding were based on those of Mary’s mother Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur Tudor.

So that everyone could see the proceedings, a wooden walkway was constructed and covered with carpets extending from the west door of the cathedral to the front of the choir. The walkway was four feet high and ended in a dais upholstered in purple and about four feet square which overlaid the entire central nave adjoining the choir screen…

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