Five things you learn in your twenties!

The blessed moonchild!

Hellooo everyone!

Yesterday, I turned 22. Just two years since I entered my twenties. But yes, these two years have taught me a lot. Each moment has felt like a long day, and each day has been an experience!

Taking a step back, I would like to thank you all for your lovely wishes😘😘 . The day was good. Not the best of the days in my life. But better than the average. Wishes kept pouring in, friends showered their love,my mom, aunt, sibling and cousins left no stones unturned to make me feel blessed, and I also got a sulky “Happy birthday” from father. So it was good.

Now moving on to my post, what are the ten things that you learn in your twenties?

1. You can’t be friends with everyone FOREVER!

Two three years ago, I was friends with everyone. Everyone. Name a person in school…

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