Advent One – 28 November 2021

Blessings in this Advent Season

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

From today’s Carrollton Presbyterian Church Advent Coffee

Today’s meditation moment for the lord first Sunday in Advent is a quote from Thomas Merton: In despair Advent offers HOPE – the hope of a revitalised faith and church, the hope of respect and love for God’s creation that is complete in the hope that Christ brings. My focus in today’s sermon was the fact that Jesus invites us to look for the kingdom in the present. In the midst of challenging times; we are called to look not to the past or to the future. We are called to build the kingdom of God in the here and now… in the present. The below quote further illuminates his thoughts on the Advent presence of Christ in our lives.

…the Church in preparing us for the birth of a “great prophet,” a Savior and a King of Peace, has more in mind…

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