Solitude and Peace – A Reflection

One Must listen to Simon de Voil – must must must

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

Three goats who live at Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Center where my Dad has been going through rehab.

Denise and I have been on an exhausting journey which began on July 25th with a phone call that my Dad had fallen and was in the ER in Austin, Minnesota. From that moment on, there have been so many twists and turns in the journey with my dad, with her dad, and now we are on our way to Mobile for the funeral of Denise’s former mother-in-law. You might say that we have been doing a lot of processing during the long hours in the car making multiple trips between Minnesota and Alabama.

While Denise was in Alabama with her dad in the hospital, I had stayed behind with Pixie to encourage my dad with rehab. One day while he was in physical therapy I wandered around the facility and ended up…

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