On our Eighth Anniversary

This is so beautiful and so inspirational. Blessings to Michael and Denise – Happy Anniversary

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

Our Wedding Day at Beckwith Chapel on Weeks Bay near Fairhope, Alabama

Eight years ago Denise and I exchanged our vows at Beckwith Chapel surrounded by the love and the prayers of so many friends and our family. Today we find ourselves in the midst of caring for our Dads as they walk the long road towards healing.

Did we know that on this day eight years ago we would move from Florida to Colorado to Georgia as we answered God’s call to serve? Did we know that we would walk through the Valley of the Shadows with so many people, including our parents?

Did we know on that day what was in store for us? In a word, no. We exchanged our vows with hope, love, and faith, promising to live each day fully as the day that the Lord has made.

Thomas Merton offers this beautiful reflection on…

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