haunting errors

resurrecting the trashcan bard

searching for god still
in the  haunted house 
perched upon a man made hill 

i stare into a ghost's mirror 
no nobodaddy do i see 
but the beast is getting nearer 
the savior fades into the sea

i hear a groaning door 
in the haunted house 
thats resting on the sea shore  

i look back at the ghost mirror 
i see the beasts wanted poster
his aged face is getting clearer
my quarry is getting closer 

i float like a ghost 
in the haunted house 
that sails the milky way's coast

i stare out a shattered window 
where time is reversed 
the sunrise is full of innuendo 
physics reacts unrehearsed 

i stand as a porch post 
apart from the haunted house 
left behind like a burnt signpost 

to the house of lucid dreams 
to the house of mimicking mirrors
to the house of echoing requiems 
to the house of haunted…

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