Holy Space – A Reflection

Another good one from Rev Moore đŸ™‚

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

A sacred space at the Etowah Mounds Historic Site near Cartersville, Georgia.

The places we are seen and heard are holy places. They remind us of our value as human beings. They give us the strength to go on. Eventually they may even help us transform pain into wisdom.—Rachel Naomi Remen

I received the above quote in a daily email I receive from Pace e Bene (This Nonviolent Life), a Catholic Peace organization. It ties in quite nicely with what I have been doing in my Narrative Theology class which is a part of the Doctor of Ministry program at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (MN).

In the exercise/assignment for the first week of class, each student shared their six-word memoirs with the class via Zoom. Then the student was invited to share some background on that memoir in four minutes or less. Following that, the class sat…

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2 thoughts on “Holy Space – A Reflection

  1. Cancer, now Covid, the vast catch-all of “Cardio-Respiratory problems” (and of “Autistic Spectrum / Learning Disabled” for any “square peg” who isn’t rampaging looney-vicious: Not considered deadly because when those losers are marginalized over the brink of the bearable and commit suicide, the non-losers can sigh with Darwinian relief!), Arthritis, Addiction, Alzheimer’s–is there any adult who hasn’t known someone (or more), first- or second- hand with these sore burdens? Yet sometimes they’re brought home to one, more: I was reading Wikipedia bios and visited the late and very great, SO brilliant author, Charlotte MacLeod. Old outrage from the time I found out that so delightful, splendid and agile a mind such as hers could dim — but that came new, again, as I went to the Wikipedia list, Category: Deaths from Alzheimer’s Disease. Pages of long, small-print, three-columned victim names. So many familiar, recognizable! Oh, ANGER at the damned diabolical disease. All those quick, strong, effervescent, gracious, charming, talented, profound and worthwhile lives! WHY?! So many things that SHOULD NOT BE… The WHY of evil is beyond earthly understanding. We can only hope that perhaps, when the spirit is set free, the lives of those who have been mortified might realize an endless expanse of true Life and kindly Light that much more gloriously.

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