God’s Love – A Reflection

All we need is love is love is love is love is love …..

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Mary holding Jesus’ body – a statue in Saint Ignatius Church on the campus of the University of San Francisco (USF, my Dad’s alma mater)

A few weeks ago after my Dad had watched the news in his assisted living apartment he told one of the women working in the office all we need is love in this world. I wonder if he was thinking of the Beatle’s song, “All You Need Is Love” when he said that. He shared the story with us later that afternoon. Dad does watch the television news regularly and we often get calls from him afterwards. He shares his frustration and sorrow over the state of the world. Believe me Dad, we can certainly relate to your thoughts and feelings.

When we visited San Francisco and the University of San Francisco back in late February Dad was eager to hear all about the city…

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2 thoughts on “God’s Love – A Reflection

  1. So fine to find you again, O great and essential Agathite: All honor, peace and blessings; God deliver you and yours from all the troubles of this year and any other!!! Still love your work, thank you for it.
    Less than 2 hours ago saw TV special A Holly Dolly Christmas. The gloriously unique Miss Parton wrote and sang an inspired song adversus this dreadful year, “I Still Believe”. Sure you and your favorite pastor would be gratified by it; such Grace!

    Also, if you don’t know about it: CozyMystery.com provides an edifying and comforting community.

    Blessed Christmas always!

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