Love and Identity – A Reflection


Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

A Rocky Mountain Sunset

As I reflect on this particular sunset in the Rockies and our five years of ministry here in Estes Park, I keep coming back to identity. One of the central challenges to the church (not just the congregation I am serving, but the larger church universal) is our identity. Some churches identify themselves by their buildings. Others identify themselves by specific programs. Others pride themselves by their past.

Just what is it that makes the church unique? Is it doctrine? No. Is it a particular style of worship? No. Is it their facility or program? No. What makes the church and individual congregations unique is their witness to the love, peace, mercy, and justice of God. How does the church relate not just to the power brokers, but to the folks who have no power? Jesus spent a lot of time teaching and preaching about theā€¦

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