Nobody really owns anything…but we still love to shop

Suddenly Mad

Suddenly Mad- Nobody really owns anything...but we still love to shop (drawing)Nobody Really Owns anything But we still Love To Shop, is the last drawing I made before early onset Alzheimer’s came on suddenly, spontaneously and has progressed quickly. It’s different from all the drawings I have made since then. Witty and urbane, it illustrates the way I used to think. It contains a message I still believe is true. This material world is not fully real. Everything is illusory. We plan, we attain things, we hunger for adventure, we strive for security and we want stuff. Life is desire. We want. We seek. We shop. And then it all disappears. The tipping point. In an instant it all disappears. Whether you are Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates… a billionaire or pauper, or anyone in between, it’s all going to disappear, because as we all know you can’t take it with you in the end.

That dress I…

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