Postcards from the Road: Final, at least for this Journey

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

Well, four months seems like forever, and at the same time like it was yesterday.  I think pilgrimages are best when that is the feeling at the end, a bit of both all mixed in.  That is how I feel.  I have called this the “last postcard from the road” but in reality we are always sending them, and I hope to be too.  The “road” is not just those we travel far away places to walk, but certainly are every step of life.  That is a great lesson from this time away, known to a degree when we set out, but deepened I believe now, with that time past.

In my last post, which I do admit was some time ago, I had just returned from the hike in Yosemite.   After that the wheel started spinning even more.  I traveled to New York City for the Church Pension…

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