Postcards from the Road, #9, Yosemite

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

After Poland I got a few days at home and then was off again to, what has become an annual event, the St. Francis Backpacking Pilgrimage or in lighter moments our leader, the Rev. Stephen McHale calls it “Priests Gone Wild-Yosemite Edition” because that is where we went, Yosemite, and that is who we are, a bunch of priests. Yosemite, what a mystical place, and long on my bucket list, as I had never been there until this visit. Getting my first glance of Half Dome and El Capitan as I drove into the valley made me fully realize what people had always told me, that pictures do not do it justice. That was true. Nothing can prepare you for the magnitude or to be able to take it all in. No camera lens could fully capture it.


This pilgrimage began three years ago with our first hike in the…

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