Postcards from the Road, #4, Reflections on the Camino, after coming home

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

The Rev. Marlene Jacobs, (St. Luke’s, Tacoma) who has walked the Camino several times, said to me a few months before my journey, “ I found it took about two or three days to get into the rhythm of the trail.” I remembered that as we walked, and found it to be true too. When you are only on it for seven days that means it takes about half your time to get into it. But once you do, a lot of things happen. The trail truly is a microcosm of life, this planet, our journey. The world really is on the trail. We met Israeli’s and Palestinians, Indians, Italians, Africans, Jordanians, and people from every continent. It was an amazing thing. And just like life, there are happy people, and not so happy people.

All along the way, the alburgues especially, offer respite, where you can sit, have an…

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