Postcards from the Road, #3, Sadness, Anger, Grief

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, 8th Bishop of Olympia

Yesterday, I was just about to blog some reflections on the Camino after being off the trail, and home, and that will come….but it seemed so trivial when I received the word of yet another mass shooting in our country. I completely understand why the Mayor of El Paso felt the need to say the words to his fellow citizens, “Don’t worry, we are all safe.” But I had to wonder, how can any of us make that assurance. I am sure those words would be cold comfort indeed to the 20 families who lost loved ones yesterday, and those fighting for their lives in the hospital still, on a day that started by shopping for back to school supplies. The Mayor, and other trusted officials, went on to make other claims, such as, “this person came from outside our community” which is true, and “no El Pasoan would have…

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