Jay is an amazing lady. She is a ‘must read.’


On a very small scale, I find myself thinking about the time I have left on this planet. How will I spend it – “God willing, and the Crick Don’t Rise”. I won’t live to see the death, doom, and destruction that many are predicting for this world. Maybe. I am already seeing the results of climate change. I may see more than I think. Who knows? So, I don’t want to base my plans on fear, trying to “be safe”. There is no such place. Never was. It is time to think about my “quality of life”. Mother lived her last remaining days (18 years) in the comfort of her home, surrounded by “stuff” in a town where she had lived most of her life. So did Mama Dorough. So, did my sister Barbara and my sister Patricia. Oops. Not going to happen with me. So, time to think…

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