ANTHONY BOURDAIN (1956 – 2018)


I came upon this article in a unusual way – by way of Facebook, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep in an uncomfortable bed at my Convalescence Center after my second knee surgery on June 27th.  (The Universe is teaching me the art of patience AGAIN and AGAIN!  Patience is not my strong suit!!)  Anthony Bourdain’s thoughts about travel.  Actually, I was not familiar with Bourdain prior to his death.  I have subsequently come to know him through his work and the world’s admiration of this man.  Why did he want to die?  Such an extraordinary man!  What happened that caused him so much despair?  That thought plagues me often.  Anyway, I saved this post because I think it is something to share. 

This was written by MAYA KACHROO-LEVINE for the online version of Travel and Leisure. 

“I have printed out copy of Anthony Bourdain’s first New…

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