Letter from Queen Philippa of Portugal to her brother King Henry IV of England – 1405

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3Beatrix_of_Portugal,_Countess_of_Arundel_and_Huntingdon_(1840)_-_Edward_Hargrave Beatrix of Portugal, Countess of Arundel and Huntingdon by a 19th C. artist

The marriage of Philippa of Lancaster with John I, King of Portugal, took place in February of 1387.  Philippa was the eldest daughter of John of Gaunt and his first wife Blanche of Lancaster.  John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and son of King Edward III of England, was seeking the throne of Castile through his second wife Constanza, daughter of Pedro the Cruel.  In an effort to obtain allies for this purpose, he married Philippa to King John, the first of the royal House of Aviz.  Philippa and John had a large family of children together.  King John had several natural born children by his mistress Inês Peres before his marriage, one of whom, Afonso, became the first Duke of Braganza.  Another natural born daughter was named Beatrix.

Queen Philippa graciously treated her husband’s illegitimate children…

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