Sir George Wakeman, Royal Physician

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17th century sickbed

George Wakeman was a Roman Catholic physician of high integrity and stellar reputation during the reign of King Charles II of England.  He served as physician to King Charles II’s Portuguese Roman Catholic queen, Catherine of Braganza which brought him into the orbit of the infamous Popish Plot.  His prominent standing in his profession may have saved his life.

George was born on October 20, 1627 in Hampshire.  He was the son of Edward Wakeman, barrister and Mary Cotton of Sussex.  The large Catholic family included six sons and an unknown number of daughters.  George was educated at home and in 1642, was sent to Spanish Flanders along with his brother Edward to the English Jesuit school of St. Omer.  They studied together for five years and then entered the English College at Rome where they stayed until 1650.  He remained undecided about his career.  He left Rome, traveled…

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