The Hollow Gaze – The Linda Sherman Mystery

I really like this lady’s blog.

Synova Ink

linda sherman

Outside a popular Mexican restaurant, nestled beneath the Yucca plant peered the hollow eyes of a human skull. The morbid sight caused two customers to call over the manager who quickly phoned the police. A nearby cemetery was being relocated at the time, so the skull was placed on a shelf in the mortuary and nearly forgotten until an anonymous letter arrived at the Vinita Park Police Department a year later.

“Bridgeton P.D. has L. Sherman’s Skull.”

Who was the anonymous tipster? Why was Linda Sherman’s skull strategically placed in front of her husband’s favorite drinking spot? Was it to intimidate him, or was it because he couldn’t remarry since she hadn’t been officially declared dead?

This fateful tale began a decade earlier with the marriage of two high school sweethearts. Linda Lutz and Don Sherman decided to marry after Linda became pregnant. Neither teenager had graduated high school, but…

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