The End of Innocence | December 2009

RIP Dobby – Know you were loved so much

Dobby the Capybara

In December of 2009, Dobby was 10 months old and weighed 60 pounds (about 27kg). He had spent all summer grazing and swimming, and life was good. In July he had moved outside to sleep under the stars (well, not quite) but he clearly preferred the great outdoors. Suddenly: frozen water and crunchy mud.

“What is this cold solid junk on top of my swimming pool?”

Little Dobby’s first winter was a nasty shock. What happened to his swimming pool? Where did the grass go?

Dobby was allowed to sleep indoors during cold weather, right where he slept as a baby, next to my bed. Now we had to block off the closet and other chewables.

Indoors was cozy and warm and we encouraged him to sleep in the bedroom with us. We spread out blankets for him, but he was angry and marked them. He marched to the kitchen…

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