Craft Alert: Art Happens and Dinner Will Be Late

Awesome lady 🙂

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

IMG_3413 Cut up zucchini on a chopping board–my “art piece.”  Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

Sounding the craft alert while making dinner means that Nate can mix up a mai tai and dream of a Hawaiian vacation, where there are no craft alerts.

“Inspiration is striking the heck out of me right now and I need to do something about it, so make some snacks. Dinner will be late!” I shout, after chopping up some zucchini, which I swear are calling out to me:

“Mold us! Shape us!” they say. And I believe I can actually hear them.

Alex is used to the drill. He shrugs his shoulders, says “okay,” and grabs some chips.

Nate makes a mad dash to the liquor cabinet and slaps together the quickest mai tai I’ve ever seen him make.

I’ve now placed the zucchini on a cutting board, “just so,” and I truly believe I’ve created…

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