A newly constructed personality

I feel this blog is important for those who either have Alzheimer’s or who have relatives or friends with Alzheimer’s.

Suddenly Mad

Suddenly Mad- A newly constructed personality (drawing of my husband Wayne)Portrait of my husband, February 2019

I read on Alzconnected (www.alzconnected.org), a post by a man that uses the avatar Crushed, that he thinks the person who has Alzheimer’s works to create a personality out of whatever fragments are left. He thought of the movie Apollo 13 and the efforts of the astronauts to create an emergency return system out of the bits and fragments of the spacecraft that still worked. He went on to say, the brain reconstructs itself, there is no conscious act from a person. He said there is no “Who”. He said it’s no different from the brain patching itself after a stroke. He said what made his wife who she was – was memory and personality, but there is a difference when you reconstruct something. Like George Washington’s axe with three new heads and four new handles. It’s not the same. He said…

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