Illness after age 60 years

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After the age of 60 one may experience many types of illnesses!

But the one I am most worried about is Alzheimer’s…

Not only would I not be able to look after myself, but it would cause a lot of inconvenience to family members…

One day, my daughter Hetal came home and told me that a doctor friend has taught her an exercise using the tongue.

The tongue exercise is effective to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s and is also useful to reduce / improve

*1*    Body weight
*2*    Hypertension
*3*    Blood-Clot in Brain
*4*    Asthma
*5*    Far-sightedness
*6*    Ear buzzing
*7*   Throat infection
*8*    Shoulder / Neck infection
*9*    Insomia


The moves are very simple and easy to learn…

Each morning, when you wash your face, in front of a mirror,
do the exercise as below:

*stretch out your tongue and…

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