Traveling Tribe and Pickle Soup

That soup looks yummy – So just had to share this post 🙂

Cooking in Cowboy Boots

A couple of weeks before my recent vacation to Mexico, I grew anxious. Not about crime, guilt 1the effect of travel on my MS or about my travel partners, but from the guilt of taking a trip itself. This was the worst kind of remorse: mother’s guilt, wife guilt, etc. Guilt because my husband was working away while I am trouncing off to Mexico, guilt because my daughter has had a challenging pregnancy and I was worried that the baby was going to come early and my daughter needed her mommy.  Guilt because my sister was watching the dog and was on house duty which meant she was tied down to staying home. Guilty because I was worried my MS wouldn’t handle the heat well and I’d have to spend the whole time in bed. In the back of my head, I knew something was going to come up and I would…

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