10 Positive Things about Aging We Need to Show Kids in Books by Lindsey McDivitt

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Childhood is an important stage of life, but it’s time limited. The fact is—we all have lots of living to do beyond age 18, yet the images of growing older in books for kids are often skewed to portray negative stereotypes as truth. Adulthood is frequently ignored and late life is often seen as sad.

There is growing support for increased diversity in the characters portrayed in children’s books. Greater attention is given to race, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity—with the belief that all kids need to see themselves in books. children also deserve to see their future selves devoid of the ageist myths and negative stereotypes so prevalent in the media. They (and we) deserve exposure to older role models and a more accurate diversity of abilities, talents and interests.

These images are all important, however

Many books for children focus on warm relationships between grandparents and grandchildren…

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