Daily OM 101818

I crave solitude.  There is nothing better that I like than listening to the sounds of silence – and I’m not referring to the Simon and Garfunkle song.   🙂   

After the mold issues of July of 2012 I partially lost the hearing in one ear.  Apparently the other ear was not doing good either, because I didn’t realize that I live in an extremely noisy world.  🙂   

Starting in December of 2017 I had all the mercury fillings removed from my teeth.  Within less than a month my hearing came back – with a vengeance! – hence the comment about the noisy world.  The endless noise is starting to drive me crazy. 

O well.  One day at a time.  Place one foot in front of the other, and carry on!!!  


When Isolation Is Ok


Sometimes we need to be alone, to simply do nothing but enjoy the sound of silence.

We all need time alone. Even those of us who are social butterflies need some time to ourselves. Solitude is necessary for meditation and quiet reflection. We also may choose to isolate ourselves when we are busy and need to meet a deadline. We may cherish time alone when we want to give ourselves over to art or music, lose ourselves in a good book, or delve into a personal project. Having time to ourselves allows us to focus completely on our yoga practice or get into the zone while running or strength training. Sometimes we need to be alone to simply do nothing but enjoy the sound of silence. Our alone time revitalizes and replenishes us, grounding us in our own company.

Yet, too much isolation, especially when our intention is to hide, withdraw, or not deal with the realities of our lives is not physically, mentally, or spiritually healthy. It is during moments like these when being in isolation takes us away from our lives, rather than enhancing it. If anything, too much isolation can create a buffer whereby we don’t have to deal with our problems. Sometimes, pushing ourselves to deal with our issues and be in our lives, rather than isolate, is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves.

Also, just as it is important for us to have our “alone” time, we need to remember that as human beings, we are by nature social creatures that thrive on human contact. Our lives cannot occur in a vacuum, and we cannot fully live in this world without interacting with others. Consider using isolation as time spent for rest, reinvigoration, and personal growth. Isolation can then not only empower you, but it can allow you to return to your work and your relationships restored and ready for life.


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