Musings On Peace 

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Savvy Raj

Today I am glad to share my reflections on Peace coupled with my mothers musings on Peace and expectations…

Already a lot has been said and written about this. So that many experts in different fields have shown so many ways to attain peace.

Peace- the ultimate human need even after reaching peaks of success in their fields. It eludes even the so called achieved souls.

Men have various desires and find various ways to fulfill them. Need for wealth, health, love, knowledge, family , status, fame, power, comforts… the list goes on. To achieve them they go through various states of hardships and emotional turbulence . Perseverance, hardwork, focus and luck help them to achieve their goals. But after attaining all these are they peaceful ?

Unfortunately the more one gains, the greater is the loss of inner peace. Loads of pressure weighs us down .

The need for…

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