Compassion 100318

How do we practice compassion in our daily lives?  That is something to ponder on.  

Every day when I awaken I vow to spend that day doing as many compassionate things as I can. 

Being human, some days are better than others.  🙂   


October 3, 2018
The Catalyst for Compassion
The commitment to take care of one another, the warrior commitment, is not about being perfect. It’s about continuing to put virtuous input into our unconscious, continuing to sow the seeds that predispose our heart to expand without limit, that predispose us to awaken. Every time that we recognize that we’ve broken this commitment, rather than criticize ourselves, rather than sow seeds of self-judgement and self-denigration—or seeds of righteous indignation, rage, or whatever other frustrations we take out on other people—we can sow seeds of strength, seeds of confidence, seeds of love and compassion.
Excerpted from:
 Living Beautifully
 with Uncertainty and Change
page 91

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