The Prophet – Book Review: Guest Post by Liezl Mitton

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Bookish Fame

“First published in the 1920’s, The Prophet, Gibran’s hugely popular guide to living, has sold millions of copies worldwide and is the most famous work of religious fiction of the twentieth century.”

When I first read this book, I couldn’t put it down. I was flabbergasted every time I turned a page and couldn’t get enough. In this book, Kahlil Gibran speaks of many things central to daily life: love, marriage, death, beauty, passion, eating, work and play. Although this book is based on spirituality and religion, it continues to inspire people from all religions to live their lives by these values. I was genuinely surprised to find a book containing spiritual thoughts and opinions without forcing a certain religion on any reader. I was born and raised in Christianity and never questioned. At times I really believed, and at other times I questioned the Bible. I never dared…

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