Travelogue – Series 15… Mount Abu in Rajasthan.


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In continuation of my Travelogue Series…

During my recent travels – discovered “Incredible India” and the opportunity to share my awesome experiences of  our rich Indian Culture through my blogs…..

An exciting, slightly hectic but rejuvenating short trip from Vadodara in Gujarat to Mount Abu in Rajasthan!!

We began our journey in our own vehicle with close family and friends from Vadodara to Mount Abu…

Ambaji is a town within taluka district Banaskantha, North Gujarat, India. It is located at 24.33°N 72.85°E.[2] It is at an altitude of 480 metres (1,570 ft). It is surrounded by the Araveli Hill range . Ambaji is within the Aravali Range ‘line of peaks’, is a range of mountains in western India running approximately 800 km in a northeastern direction across Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. Known as Mewat hills locally, Ambaji town is situated in between the borders of North Gujarat and Abu Road of Rajasthan.

Ambaji is an important temple town with millions of devotees visiting the Ambaji temple every year. It is…

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