Planning a Blackberry Bush Attack

Blackberry memories

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

IMG_2956 Blackberry Shortcake. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

Ambushing the shrubbery at the local high school takes guts—and a willingness to drive onto school property in broad daylight and operate under a “pick-the-blackberries-now-ask-questions-later” policy. On a Saturday at 3 p.m., Nate, Alex, and I decided that we had what it took to carry out an attack: an appetite for blackberry shortcakes and two plastic containers. It turns out we probably also needed paper towels or those pre-moistened “towelettes,” to clean off the fingers we used to pick the blackberries, but driving home with only one hand on the wheel works well too, as long as you also remember to only open the newly painted front door with the hand that was not picking blackberries.

“Should we be doing this? Will anyone from school see me?” Alex asked, while wearing sky blue shorts, paired with a bright red Ohio State Buckeyes t-shirt.


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