Baking soda is your friend…

Glitter Gloss and Glaze

Baking soda is a kitchen ingredient that is used in making desserts and other yummy treats. But that’s not all that it does, we give you 10 reasons to stock up baking soda in your beauty cabinet as it can do wonders for your skin. From banishing acne to keeping your feet happy, and from eliminating body odour to lightening blemishes, here’s why baking soda is a must-have home remedy. We share the several benefits of baking soda for your skin and the right way to use it to enhance your beauty.


Glowing skin is a sign of healthy, youthful skin and isn’t easy to achieve. Unless you eat healthy, have an impeccable skincare routine and get eight hours of sleep, adding a glow to your skin is not easy. However, natural ingredients that are packed with essential nutrients can come to your rescue. We…

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