Amazon & Book #1


GREAT news!


Amazon’s response to the concern about our book’s first 14 pages being printed upside down-

The customer service in self publishing states that it can be a 24 hour wait for a reply.

My wait? Barely, 8 hours!

Response, not only prompt. It was courteous and caring!

They quickly verified my files, assured me all was okay. My aunt’s copy most assuredly was a fluke.

The sincerity and genuine tone of their email, left me feeling Where the Cows still play, is in excellent hands!

I give them five stars!



Within a week of publishing we are #1 on Amazon’s list for New Release New England US Travel books!


“I opened this little piece of warmth and comfort and felt so many memories coming back. My favorite part is the rare moment a Lady’s Slipper is found…

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