My Patriotic Dad and Avocado Prawn Cholula Salad

Cooking in Cowboy Boots

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a political post, so lets don’t go there.  I WILL say patrioticthat I believe you can be patriotic without being political and vice versa – that’s all I’m going to say!  As you know, since I lost my dad over a year ago, I decided the time was now to really do some research on my family history.  I do have some information such as names, significant dates, photos, that I got from my dad and my late paternal grandmother.  My mom passed away in 1986 and I never really had an opportunity to ask her any questions about my heritage and frankly, back in those days I was too focused on raising a young family and struggling to keep my head above water to even think inwardly about “who am I?” Now, that most of my family members that have…

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