Flash Fiction: The Mist

The Dark Netizen

It’s been quite some time now. David and Billy have still not returned. I hope they are fine.

The thunderstorm has left the house quite damaged. Even the door is no state to keep out any person, not that I can see any person out on the street. This wretched mist has been coming closer and closer ever since David and Billy left. It makes me feel cold, and afraid. Almost as if it holds within it some unspeakable horror.

The mist has moved rapidly, engulfing the neighbors’ houses. All that remains between my house and the ominous cloud is a rapidly decreasing patch of road. All my instincts are telling me to hide inside the cellar. That is not an option anymore. The thunderstorm has caused flooding to occur down there. The most I can do now, is pull the curtains, adding another pseudo-layer between me and the mist.

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