10 cogent qualities to instill in your little children.


1. Confidence:

You are on a shopping spree with your son in shoprite but you think you should protect him by speaking to the cashier for him? That’s very wrong by all standards. When he wants anything, tell him how to go by it:

Hello, may I get a bar of chocolate please?

Teach him, there is no age requirement to being able to standup for oneself. How long can you protect them? You don’t even know how soon you gonna leave them. No one is wishing another death here, be a realist for once!

2. Courtesy:

For every little act of help/kindness, let your child know ‘thank you’ doesn’t cost a thing. Your daughter just bought a bar of chocolate, it doesn’t matter if you spent your money to buy it, teach her to say a ‘thank you’, it is free to say, but will earn you invaluable respect…

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