Strange Reflection

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Heart in print by Jaya

Flash Fiction         ⊥        August 30, 2018        ⊥          Jaya

Strange Reflection
Strange Reflection
Chloe looked at the mirror but she couldn’t see her reflection. Instead there stood a dark leaden dilapidated shed, the door of which had several significant scratches on it.  
Who would have taken the refuge in it ? How huge and feral was the animal that forced its entry inside?
Nothing suggested it to be the house in which Dorothy had flown to the magical land of Oz. Neither was she the lucky Alice of Wonderland nor was she the witty Coraline.
Alarmed at her thoughts, Chloe decided to keep it back where she found it and left for her home.

Word Count : 101

Thanks Rochelle Wisoff for the Friday Fictioneers challenge.

Pic Courtesy: Nathan Sowers

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