The Battle of Aljubarotta – 1385

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The Battle of Aljubarrota (Castile vs Portugal, 1385). (British Library, Royal 14 E IV f. 204 recto)

From 1383 until 1385, Portugal found itself in the midst of a period known as the Portuguese interregnum during which there was no reigning legitimate monarch following the death of King Fernando I who was in power from 1367 to 1383. There were several factors leading up to this crisis. After a series of unsuccessful conflicts with the kingdom of Castile, Fernando married his daughter and heir Beatriz to Juan I of Castile. This agreement called for the oldest child of this match to inherit the Portuguese crown with Fernando’s wife Leonor Teles to act as regent.

The marriage of Beatriz to the Castilian king caused alarm among the nobility of Portugal as it brought the specter of Castilian rule, a prospect they did not find appealing. When Fernando died in 1383, Beatriz…

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