Tribute to Dobby


Dobby the Capybara

It won’t surprise you to learn that my home is full of capybara memorabilia. Capybara artifacts are difficult to find, even in South America, where the animals are common, like our deer. People send me “capybaras” whenever they find them (many come from Japan!) and I have amassed an enviable collection of plushies and ephemera.

What surprised me is the number of items around here that feature Dobby, himself! Apparently, I am not the only one who liked to draw Dobby. My kids, their friends, my friends, and visitors found him to be an inspiring subject.

He was discovered and glorified by Facebook friends, and then a couple of magazinesfeatured him. Dobby was very timid, so taking him out to parks or special events would have made him very uncomfortable. Local news shows called, but Prince Dobalob was a private guy and we politely declined his Fifteen…

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