Flash Fiction: Clash 3

The Dark Netizen

This is the Tenth part of the story!

Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Twittering Tales: Statues

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Part 3- Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Briefing

Part 5- Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins

Part 6- Flash Fiction: Target Sighted

Part 7- Flash Fiction: Ready

Part 8- Flash Fiction: Clash

Part 9 – Flash Fiction: Clash 2

Happy reading! 🙂

The bullet hit Medusa right at the centre of her forehead, knocking her back.

Within moments, she got to her feet. The bullet had failed to put even a scratch on her. She spotted Agent Keynes among the trees, reloading his gun. Billy sucked in his breath and aimed for Medusa’s heart. It was a difficult shot to take. The weight of the gun combined with the distance he was at, made hitting the target a herculean task. Nevertheless, Billy knew he had to…

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