How to Get More Followers Blog Thoughts 8.28.18.


Be positive!

But take no crap!

Protect your followers!

I had an interesting incident today.

I had published my post.

A quick spurt of comments started popping up.

At first I thought someone was pulling my leg.

Poking a bit of fun!

“BRING IT ON”, I thought.

Is there anything better than healthy banter back and forth?

If I can’t make fun of myself , what am I doing here? 😄🤓

Unfortunately, abusive comments started.

It’s not too often that someone uses the “F” word in the blogging world, unless they’re really trying to make a point!

I attempted to visit the blogger and it was set to private.

No biggie! I’ve seen that before…

The filth became so bad, I took a screenshot!

It’s headed to Word press!

They can take care of the nasty little bugger!

Probably some kid with nothing better to do.


Take Note:…

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