Heart Advice – Joy 082218

I adore and admire the works of Pema Chodron.  Many many many years ago, when AOL was still functioning properly, I belonged to an online group which met each week to discuss ‘When Things Fall Apart.’ 

It was a rich, eclectic group of people from all walks of Life and several religions.  I still have fond memories of that group.  

Excerpted from:
The Wisdom of No Escape
And the Path of Loving-Kindness
page 27


August 22, 2018
The Navajo teach their children that every morning when the sun comes up, it’s a brand-new sun. It’s born each morning, it lives for the duration of one day, and in the evening it passes on, never to return again. As soon as the children are old enough to understand, the adults take them out at dawn and they say,  “The sun has only one day. You must live this day in a good way, so that the sun won’t have wasted precious time.” Acknowledging the preciousness of each day is a good way to live, a good way to reconnect with our basic joy.
The Wisdom of No Escape

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