Lost Princes

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Throughout history there are instances where fine young men and women who survived infancy were destined to be king but died before they ascended the throne. As historians, it’s always an intriguing exercise to examine their lives and the consequences of their death. Here are just of sampling of some of these princes who died too soon.

William Aetheling

William Aetheling, born in 1103 in Winchester, was the son of King Henry I of England and Matilda of Scotland. Known as Adelin (meaning Prince), he was the pride and hope of his father for maintaining his dynasty. Henry invested William with the title of Duke of Normandy during his lifetime. William fought capably with his father against the French King Louis VI. When Queen Matilda died in 1118, William replaced her as regent in England.

In November of 1120, William and his retinue were planning to sail from Normandy…

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