Last night…

Heart in print by Jaya

Flash Fiction     ⊥      August 17, 2018       ⊥        Jaya


The ashtray full of cigarette butts, glass half filled of beer, the matchbox, unread magazines, a few papers littered near the table. Phew!

Last night fun still roars in my mind. My first such night without my ever nagging adults behind my back. The first night of freedom with my friends. How we puffed and puffed the cigs one after the other savouring the ear splitting music. Exhilarating !

Suddenly a blaring horn shook me from my reverie. In no time the keys clunked in the keyhole and the door stood ajar.

“ What have you been upto Ray ? You were supposed to clean the house last night,” blasted my vexed employer Mr. Devon.

Word count : 112

Thanks Friday fictioneers for the challenge.

Thanks Yvette Prior for the pic.

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